Tom Graves' group of web-sites

tg @ 54This is the site-group for Tom Graves' various web-sites. It's at last sort-of working, but expect it to be seriously broken in some places for quite a while as I weed out the various bugs and incomplete conversions from the previous web-portal system.

Tom Graves - Tom's books and other stuff
Wyrdsmiths - a site linked to Tom's books Positively Wyrd and Wyrd Allies
Xio - a previous business-type project that never took off, but may be interesting to some
Yabbies - a experimental site for shared development of fiction [not yet imported into this site]

Tetradian is my trading-name and business website, with an emphasis on enterprise-architecture and social change.

You'll find me on Twitter as @tetradian (

Most of my current work appears first on the weblog at (also accessible via

See also the Tetradian Books website (, through which I'm publishing new books on enterprise-architecture, social change, alternate-realities and some fiction as well, and also republishing several of my older books.

You'll also find slidedecks from conferences and the like on my Slideshare account (

More to follow as I clean all this up. Many thanks for your patience!