Tom Graves

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Tom Graves - researcher, writer, educator

I'm probably best-known as a writer, mainly on subjects like dowsing (water-divining), 'earth-mysteries' research and the relationship between science, technology and magic, but also on other areas such as business models, personal development and gender-issues. You'll find details - and quite a bit of smallnew content - on the Writing pages.

And I'm actively involved in music - particularly seventeenth-century English popular dance, but other genres too. Combining music and software development, I'm involved in the PipeWorks project - a MIDI/notation package for wind-players. (On the Wyrdsmiths site you'll also find details on my Heart of Music project - combining conventional musical education with self-development techniques to reach the heart of music, in emotional expression.)

At present I mainly pay my bills with business-analysis, on-line systems development and technical writing, here in Victoria, Australia: if that's what interests you, take a look at the personal-info pages here. You'll also find my contact details there.

The new picture - at the Malmsbury house, shortly before I left there in October 2006 - shows a reasonably happy face for a change (it was a publicity shot for a new Portuguese edition of Needles of Stone in 2005). Previous photos are on the personal-history page.

This is now quite a large site: but as usual, just click on a link to see where it takes you! If in doubt, there's a sitemap link at the base of each page.