About wyrd and Wyrdsmiths


About wyrd

What's 'wyrd'? The short answer is that it's the Nordic version of the concept of Fate - but it's a lot more useful than just being fatalistic! Understanding the nature of the wyrd allows us to weave a different kind of web... one in which there's always a choice, but there's also always a weird kind of twist...

fool murphy[For a guide through the wyrdness of this world, meet Murphy: you'll find him wandering around in various guises throughout this web-site.]

Murphy - he's not quite the fool that he seems...

For example, we've all met up with the weirdness of Murphy's Law - "if something can go wrong, it probably will". To our ordinary way of thinking, it always seems to be a problem - but by allowing its everyday wyrdness to apply to itself, it can become one of our most useful tools instead: Inverse Murphy. That's what working with the wyrd is all about... 

About Wyrdsmiths

Who are Wyrdsmiths? Wyrdsmiths is best described as an affiliation of writers and researchers on practical applications for the concept of wyrd, particularly in the education of awareness and intuitive skills. Although between us we cover a very wide range of skills and experiences, we're each professionals in our own spheres of work. To find out more about what we do, see the 'Practical Wyrdness' and 'Wyrd Business' pages; to find out more about us, see the Who are Wyrdsmiths? page.

About this web-site

Purpose: This web-site is primarily intended as a public resource, maintaining information on the integration of magic and technology; on the concept of wyrd and its history and practical uses; on Wyrdsmiths' services and software; and on books and other sources that can provide further information. (Because there's a lot of information on this site, we've kept graphics to a minimum, to reduce download time.)

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