The Xio ideas-toolbox

Ideas are tools: we can't do much without ideas - and we can't do much good without good ideas. So at xio we're always on the look-out for new items to go into our 'toolbox' - though sometimes the most useful ones come from the weirdest places! This on-line toolbox consists of brief essays on ideas and concepts which we've found useful in our work: we hope that you may find them useful too.

ToolboxWe've long since found that one of the more useful tools, particularly for getting 'unstuck', is a kind of structured randomness. So click on the 'toolbox' icon to the right: wherever you see this, it'll pick out an idea at random from the toolbox, and show it to you.

If you want to choose a specific tool instead, or just browse through the toolbox in your own way, here's the current contents:

Sometimes books or other resources are referenced on the Tools pages. We've used these icons to show options for follow-up:
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