Wyrd Software

In the near future we'll be adding a new Wyrd Software section to this part of the Wyrdsmiths site, to make available software developed by Wyrdsmiths and our associates. Examples of current developments include:

//FengCalc// feng shui calculator for Psion 5

We already have available a beta-test version of FengCalc, a 'feng shui calculator' for the superb Psion 5 palmtop computer, which constructs a complete Eight Houses and Flying Stars chart for a given person and location - this is now available for free download.

newWe now have an online version of FengCalc on this site - try it!

Chinese geomancy for Windows 95/98/NT

Developed in conjunction with the mail to 'masmans': castlemaine net auAustralian College of Feng Shui and Geomancy, we're extending a Windows version of the 'feng shui calculator' to include two important forms of Chinese astrology: Tzu Wei and Four Pillars. This is currently available for alpha-test only.

Wyrd journal, for Windows 95/98/NT

In the longer term - probably before the end of the year - we'll have an alpha-test version of a 'wyrd diary', which links the text of the Wyrd books - Positively Wyrd and Wyrd Allies - to an active journal, providing a powerful tool for tracking personal development. The current 'concept demonstrator' is for Windows only; the full version, to be released during 2001, will be Java-based for full platform-independence.

For further details on Wyrdsmiths' software developments, or to register for alpha- or beta-testing of new software, contact mail to 'tom': wyrdsmiths comTom Graves.