Workshop/lecture schedule

Working with the wyrd calls for a wide range of different skills - and we can help you develop such of those as you'd like, through the medium of workshops and lectures, personalised consultancy or plain ordinary just being around!

Current schedule

(No events planned for next three months.)

Tom Graves is planning a lecture/workshop tour in Britain and the States in mid-2001. If you're interested in hosting a workshop or lecture on any of the material or concepts listed on this Wyrdsmiths site, or the companion TomGraves and xio web-sites, please let him know as soon as possible, as described below.

For bookings or further details, please contact us:
  • via the Feedback page
  • direct email: mail to 'tom': wyrdsmiths comTom Graves
  • direct post: PO Box 70, Malmsbury, VIC 3446, Australia
  • fax (Australia): (03) 5423 9205
  • fax (international): [+61] 3 5423 9205
  • mobile (Australia only): 0407 058 542