Tom Graves: a personal history

This page will point to various personal-history pages, when I get round to writing them! Until then, an assortment of photographs:

tg @ 49August 2000 (I think?): On a beach somewhere in South Australia - completely forgotten where! For a change, I was experimenting with not having a beard - but it doesn't work, I just look squat and fat... oh well...!
griz on logsSept 2000: Grizzie the kitten sitting on the log-pile at Malmsbury, with the lake visible through the window. She was ten months old at the time (so only just a kitten!), and trying to catch the swallows nesting just above the log-pile.
tg @ 47Late 1998: Playing flute at a friend's 21st birthday party. Not sure if he wanted me to, but I was doing so anyway!
tg @ 44Mid-1996: Taken quite soon after moving to Malmsbury - given the poor lighting, the lake isn't quite visible through the window. I would still have been 44 at the time: I still had the full beard, anyway.
tg @ 44Early 1996 (probably): One of the few happy pictures of what was still a very unhappy time. It's from my contractor's security-pass from the Lab, and probably looks happy probably because I was actually getting some work done...
tg @ 42April 1994: This one was in the kitchen at Fitzroy, taken by my housemate Catherine Caulwell just before she returned to Ireland. Aged 42, with the beard concealing a rapidly-receding hairline! A brief respite in a long period of unsettled near-despair.