Postlude: Beginner's mind

(8/centre/octave in labyrinth)
In which we discover that the end is also the beginning -- but now seen from a more reflective point of view

(8/centre/octave in labyrinth)

Now at the centre -- but loops back round to ordinary reality (Mobius loop » Klein bottle)

'Unstuckness'; 'beginner's mind' rather than 'beginner's luck'

'At the place we started/but know it for the first time'

Show samenesses/differences (always similar, but never quite repeats -- Mandelbrot set example)

'Precognitive recovery' (martial arts) -- not being in the wrong place at the wrong time

Another reprise on Tao -- 'profit comes from what is there, usefulness from what is not there'

Technology as our way of working in the world -- what world do we want? (it's up to us)

Inverse Murphy is highly positive: technology can provide a positive outlook once we include ourselves, once we care