4: It's easier if you care

(4/heart in labyrinth -- RH/reverse move)
In which we at first appear to have come to the heart of the matter, but discover we have come to a matter of the heart

(4/heart in labyrinth -- RH/reverse move)

It would be nice to survive...; it's not going to work if your heart isn't in it

Living with uncertainty » acceptance (heart)/trust

Compassion: 'power with' -- directing, not controlling

(No 'science' [analytic] here -- it's all subjective, about who you are)

Example of environment issues: everything changes once you care

Flip is to focus caring, to actually do something (we don't yet know what)

Respect for machines » respect for totality; caring about work

Analytic revised: I know when I know, I know when I don't know, I know when I've got it wrong (i.e. dealing with reality, not a school exam)

Pay attention! esp. to feedback -- things do work most of the time; direction, awareness of influence » correction

Caring » release from care » happiness, joy (e.g. job-satisfaction); craftsmanship (breaking downward cycle of analysis-only » 'lowest common denominator' » removal of subjective » destruction of care/self-esteem)

Continuing action -- active-intuitive rather than passive-intuitive -- takes you to the spirit