The human side of systems

Power and response-ability - the human side of systems is a new book project, which I'll place on this website as each new section is developed.

  • Description and Summary - standard publisher's 'blurb' summarising the content of the book, and a brief 'publisher's summary' describing the intended purpose, scope, audience, style, size, support and schedule for the book.
  • Content and status - links to the current content of each chapter of the book, with comments on edit-status and availability.


title does

[For further details, contact Tom Graves, via mail to 'tgraves': xio com aumail to 'tgraves': xio com au.]


  • <small>Purpose: to...
  • Scope:
  • Audience:
  • Style and language:
  • Size and format:
  • Software support: the book will be supported before and after launch by its own web-site and related web-marketing. Options exist for integrating purpose-designed computer software with specific aspects of the book.
  • Schedule: complete first draft by 31 Dec 2001.