FengCalc User Guide


What is //FengCalc//?

FengCalc is a small software package that manages routine calculations and cross-references for Eight Houses and Flying Stars, two commonly used systems of advanced feng shui (Chinese geomancy). In effect, it's a combination of pocket calculator and quick-reference for the feng shui consultant.

FengCalc consists of two components: the FengCalc program itself, and its supporting FengShui database file.

Who should use //FengCalc//?

FengCalc is designed for use by people already familiar with feng shui, including the Eight Houses ('ba gua') and, optionally, Flying Stars systems. Like a calculator, its displays summarise essential details only, and hence it is not suitable for use by beginners.

In particular, it is assumed that you will already know how to combine all the various facets into a working solution: no suggested overall interpretations are provided by the program.