FengCalc Calculator

FengCalc is a small software package that we developed for our own use on-site in feng shui consultancy. It is a simple but powerful 'calculator' which constructs cross-reference charts for the two most commonly-used systems of advanced feng shui: Eight Houses and Flying Stars.

This version of the software is for the Psion Series 5 palmtop computer.

  • Please note: this version will run only on the Psion 5: it will not run on any variant of Windows (including WinCE), Macintosh, Unix or any platform other than the Psion 5.

Features of FengCalc include:

  • calculates all required details for Eight Houses and Flying Stars interpretation systems
  • summarises relationships between client and place
  • graphic and tabular displays of orientation-charts
  • simple one-dialog entry of all parameters
  • fast operation (full set of correlations calculated and displayed in under three seconds)
  • single-key movement between displays
  • 'keyword' summaries displayed for direction, element, Eight Houses direction-quality for client and place, and all Flying Stars (year, month, building, mountain-star and water-star)
  • user-selectable boundary-width and star-substitution system for boundary directions in Flying Stars
  • keyword lists maintained in separate user-editable Psion database file

The software was written in Psion OPL, and hence is efficient and extremely compact (less than 40kb total, including database file).

For further details on the program itself, see the User Guide page.

In the longer term, we expect to port FengCalc to other palmtop computers, such as the PalmPilot and WinCE systems. (The present version should also run on most of the Psion Series 3 systems - Series 3a, 3c and 3mx - but will need a different compile and instal, which we haven't yet tested.) FengCalc will also be included as module of the larger Chinese astrology and geomancy package being jointly developed by Wyrdsmiths and the Australian College of Feng Shui and Geomancy.

For further details, contact mail to 'tom': wyrdsmiths comTom Graves at Wyrdsmiths.