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I seem to be one of the few people who's written extensively on the wyrd, and how to work with it in the everyday world.
The 'Wyrd Project' consists of three books: Positively Wyrd, Wyrd Allies and Wyrd World. Each presents and develops ways to experience and work with the wyrd from a different perspective. Positively Wyrd Positively Wyrd explores wyrd at the personal level, where everything is experienced as 'I'; Wyrd Allies Wyrd Allies extends this into the interpersonal realm, where we often struggle to achieve a balance between 'I' and 'We'; Wyrd World Wyrd World takes it a step further again, into the transpersonal realm of 'I' and 'We' and 'Us' - a realm which ultimately includes everyone, everything, everywhere, everywhen.

One of my earlier books, Inventing Reality Inventing Reality, tackles a rather different aspect of wyrd: the strange relationship between magic and technology. If you feel like getting out your mental swamp-shoes and spreading your weight a bit, go check it out! (The entire content of this book is now available on-line from this site via the link above.)

And my now twenty-year-old study on geomancy and 'spirit of place', Needles of Stone Needles of Stone - regarded as one of the classic works in the field - is also available on-line via the Glastonbury Archive at Needles of Stone online.

Geomancy: Beyond Feng Shui Geomancy: Beyond Feng Shui is a new book project (one of rather too many at the moment!), extending the conceptual research in Needles of Stone into a wider scope of geomancy. It shows how the ideas behind differing styles of geomancy - such as Chinese feng shui, Indian vastushastra or aboriginal concepts of 'the dreaming' - can be unified into a common set of principles, which can be used for working with the wyrd at every scale of the landscape.

(For details of my books on dowsing and other subjects, see the book-list Tom Graves: published books on the website.)