Review by L. A. Stanley for Rating: I bought this for my son's 13th bitradhy. He'd use it almost every waking moment if we let him.This bundle was a good deal because it came with a 4GB memory stick (many of the other bundles in this price range came with only a 2GB memory stick), as well as a game and a voucher for a movie. We chose the PSP 3000 over the PSP Go because I don't like that the PSP Go limits you to downloaded games I prefer the flexibility of being able to buy games and movies on disks when we choose. I was particularly impressed by the graphics for a portable system. The sound is good considering the limitations of built-in speakers on a handheld. But most of the time my son uses headphones (we had to buy those separately) for true stereo sound. The headphones also mean he can have the sound on while he plays in the car without bothering everyone else. The controls will be familiar to anyone who has ever played a Playstation console he mastered the basic use of the device within a few minutes. So far he is mostly focused on playing games. He still hasn't taken much advantage of its Internet capabilities or its use as a music player, but I expect he will soon after he finishes playing Dissidia. So far it seems durable. My son dropped it once on the kitchen floor, and it still works fine. It wasn't in a protective/shock-absorbing case when he dropped it, either. All in all, it's an impressive handheld gaming system that I think he will enjoy for a long time. http://tqjpdycdn.com [url=http://zlcuaui.com]zlcuaui[/url] [link=http://zbbdbf.com]zbbdbf[/link]