A number of ODF apps alrdaey support an export to HTML feature. But I'm not very fond of them, at least not for this purpose. They generate HTML that looks like the original document, meaning they style everything with microscopic details of layout and attributes. So when I bring it into the blog, I waste time cleaning up all that crud. What I really want is to bring in the content and structure of the document only. I want the presentation of the HTML to blend into to the style of my blog, which is all defined by CSS style sheets.The poetry problem sounds interesting. The structure of poetry (lines and stanzas) doesn't fit perfectly in ODF or HTML. In ODF you probably have each line in the stanza as a separate paragraph. And in HTML I usually see poetry done with each stanza as a paragraph, and each line ending in a br. Of course, you can make it look right in either format, but structurally it is a hack either way. [url=]uzzdrvfl[/url] [link=]qzbwqt[/link]