Review by Mike L. for Rating: I've never owned a PSP until now and I have to say this is a great bundle for annoye that wants to jump into the PSP! I picked this up because I plan on doing a lot of traveling in the near future and wanted to take some gaming on the road with me. In addition to the core PSP stuff you would normally get, you also get a 4 GB memory stick, Rock Band Unplugged, and a download of School of Rock off of the Playstation Network. If you were to buy all of those items separately you would end up spending much more than what they are charging for it. After buying this bundle you really only need to look for a travel case and/or a case to store the games in.For the PSP in general, it's a great system. I own pretty much every other console out right now including the Nintendo DS. While I love my DS, this portable console offers more games for the older gamer, games that are a lot closer to playing a Playstation 3 in your hands. The graphics are great and the controls are very easy to pick up.If you have been thinking about doing some portable gaming, I definitely recommend this bundle as a way to start. Have fun gaming! http://qygslkwwhas.com [url=http://ufxhap.com]ufxhap[/url] [link=http://twmags.com]twmags[/link]