I haven't used Parallels so I'm not 100% sure, but I imagine the psorecs would be the same. From the OS X environment, copy your library to an external hard drive. Then from your Win XP environment, copy your library from the external hard drive onto your Win XP's virtual hard drive. I've only done this on Windows 7, so there may be some small differences in folder names and locations on Win XP that you'll have to account for. Keep in mind that this method will in effect double the amount of hard drive space that your iTunes library takes up because you'll have two libraries; one on OS X and one on Win XP, and they won't be in sync. There may also be a way for Win XP to see the iTunes library on OS X without moving it, depending on the capabilities of Parallels. [url=]gfozwgjs[/url] [link=]vxrdxbkwf[/link]