There are provisions in ODF for cairryng HTML-like structures (including events), but I have never been able to figure out what the model is from the specification.There is even a defined ODF MIME type, application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text-web, and associated file-name extension recommendation (.oth) for ODF text documents used as templates for HTML documents. There is no specific definition or schema for documents of that kind. My experience with what OpenOffice?.org does with these is out of date. I confess to losing interest in the particular implementation.It would be valuable for text-web documents to be defined well enough so these appealing applications could be achieved more smoothly. I could imagine .oth as an export case from web-based software. It might be even more valuable as an import-form for useful templates that would guide authors into expressing more web-like intentions, as Rob and others point out here.The underspecified feature might be a fertile area to develop for an ODF-next beyond ODF 1.2.PS: I believe that the equivalent of a forced within-paragraph line break does exist in ODF, although I don't know what how it is supported in the various implementations. This matters, of course, like so many document-processor features, only if the poet uses it. I notice that I use the equivalent of tags a lot when I know I am making a web document, and I do it less often in making word-processing documents, though I know to do it and do so on occasion. [url=]cndtmf[/url] [link=]htypocxjt[/link]