This post seems like a weird mash of pro-WYSIWYG and blogger-WYSIWYG on the one hand, and pro-web dsgeenirs, and bloggers on the other. I contend a clearer image works like this:web designer WYSIWYG is evil.blogger WYSIWYG is joyous!Code for bloggers is evil.Code for web dsgeenirs is joyous!Rationale:As a web designer, I only want to work with code. I tried Dreamweaver years ago and found I spent twice as long doing everything, as I had to go back and fix all the messed up code DW was creating. And then it would muck it up again after I fixed it. OK. Everything took 4 times longer. Then CSS arrived and to be honest, I thought DW died as it couldn't deal with the new design system. However, I blog. I love blogs as a technology. Even web dsgeenirs love simply being able to publish content without having to deal with code. I think the WYSIWYG editor in MovableType and WordPress is great. Without it, people find it hard to do simple things like add a picture or a link. Another example: OS X Server's Wiki software has what looks like a wonderful WYSIWYG editor which means that Wikis can finally become hugely popular. The issue of regular people learning how to edit Wikis is no longer an issue. I expect Wikis will now explode as a result, and be at least as popular as blogs. [url=]iwrwnlx[/url] [link=]yctiexfz[/link]