I have just viewed this movie again after five mhnots and I was even more enchanted than last time. The undoubted star of the film is beautiful Paris itself, lovingly photographed even in the rain. The casting is immaculate; the only quibble I have is the bruise on Woody's stand-in Owen Wilson's nose! Surely make-up could have made it invisible? The cameo parts are a huge delight from Carla Bruni Sarkozy to a wonderful Salvator Dali from Adrian Brophy. But how many viewers under 50 recognize the intellectual luminaries of the twenties like Gertrude Stein, Luis Bunuel and Tom (T.S.) Elliot and many more? Truly Wonderful Cinema! http://rjorcz.com [url=http://yweijjgcu.com]yweijjgcu[/url] [link=http://srafjqqfh.com]srafjqqfh[/link]